Romesco, Bonita's



Romesco, Bonita's



Romesco, Bonita's


Nestled between San Diego and Chula Vista, right in the heart of Bonita, sits the city’s hottest tapas bar.

In Romesco, Mexican cuisine and Mediterranean techniques come together to create something as delicious as it is special.

Romesco is a place of mouthwatering contrast and imaginative fusions; an upscale dining experience that mixes the tastefulness of a bistro with the laid-back atmosphere of a tapas bar.

This culinary gem has been voted San Diego’s best Mexican Restaurant for three years in a row, and it’s by far the best tapas bar Bonita has to offer.

Romesco’s unique personality isn’t restricted to its cuisine either: The restaurant is split into two different areas, both boating the restaurant’s distinctive flavor in two completely different ways.

The main dining room, designed to resemble a traditional Mediterranean bistro, offers a more upscale yet still relaxed experience that describes itself as upscale dining without pretentiousness.



Here, you can concentrate on the fabulous favors and textures born from the fusion of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines.

You can also try Romesco’s delicious tapas, which have earned the place the title of the best tapas bar in Bonita, California.

However, if you want to enjoy a truly unique night, we invite you to Romesco’s very own Spanish barroom, a must-visit if you’re in Bonita, California.

This separate space has been furnished to resemble traditional Spanish bars, and it’s the perfect choice for those looking for the true tapas bar experience.

With a more laid-back atmosphere that lends itself towards dancing and having fun, this barroom is ideal to stay long into the night, making friends, chatting, and discovering new flavors.


Staying true to Romesco’s innovative spirit, the barroom tapas are based on a mix of colors, flavors, textures, and aromas, delivering a unique bite-sized experience you can eat on your own or share with friends, both old and new.

The fusion of flavors extends to Romesco’s bar as well, which not only offers an extensive collection of traditional drinks and cocktails but also extends its Mediterranean/Mexican fusion to the bar’s signature drinks.

With creations such as the Tamarindo Margarita–tequila, lime, cane syrup, tamarindo, tajin–, Mexapan Martini –Vanilla vodka, mazapan & chocolate cream, frangelico–, and the Oaxaca Mule –mezcal, lime, ginger beer–, Romesco’s bar is just as flavorful and innovative as the bistro’s menu.

If delicious food, unique drinks, and a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere weren’t enough to make Romesco Bonita’s best Mexican restaurant and tapas bar, the live music shows certainly are.

Flamenco, Cuban-Jazz, and other Latin rhythms, both classic and new, come together to create a relaxed party atmosphere that goes hand in hand with Romesco’s mouthwatering cuisine.

Outdoor and indoor seating, live music, authentic tapas, delicious Mexican food, a generous happy hour, unique and innovative specialty cocktails, amazing service, and an unbeatable atmosphere have earned Romesco a spot as San Diego’s Top Mexican Restaurant for three straight years and has also positioned it as the best tapas bar in Bonita, California.