Mexican Restaurant

with Live Music


Mexican Restaurant

with Live Music


Mexican Restaurant

with Live Music

When organizing a fun night out, there are plenty of things to consider: Drinks, food, atmosphere, price, quality, location, etc. Any of these can make or break a successful outing with friends, so doing your research beforehand is always important.

A visit to a Mexican restaurant can be pretty fun, but a visit to a Mexican restaurant with live music can be even better.

Luckily, if you’re looking for the latter, there’s no need to research, as Romesco has everything you need to have a night to remember.

Romesco is a fusion restaurant that mixes the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine with the tradition of Mediterranean techniques, resulting in a delightful combination that brings out the best of both worlds.

This ‘Mexiterranean’ restaurant ha been voted as San Diego’s best Mexican Restaurant for three consecutive years, and just one look at Romesco’s mouthwatering offerings shows you exactly why.

With delicious dishes like “Lamb Asado,” “Mexican Risotto” and “Salmon al Ajillo,” it’s clear that Romesco not succeeds in elevating simple dishes while maintaining their essence and roots.

Romesco’s unique blend of cultures isn’t limited only to its kitchen, as the restaurant also mixes the tastefulness of a bistro with the laid-back atmosphere of a tapas bar, all while adding live latin music to really spice up your visit.

Because of this, Romesco is an ideal destination whether you’re looking for a high-end bistro, a casual spot for lunch, or a Mexican restaurant with live music.

The Best

Live Music & Tapas Bar in Bonita

This versatility even stretches as far as the restaurant’s decoration, as Romesco’s main dining area is designed to resemble a traditional Mediterranean bistro, while its bar offers a more casual experience by resembling a traditional Spanish barroom.

In the main dining area, you can experience the flavors and textures that makes Romesco the best Mexican restaurant in San Diego, all while enjoying a high-end yet laid-back atmosphere that invites you to relax and leave aside all pretentions.

If you’re looking for a fun night out, the bar area is the place to go, as the live music, creative mixology and mouthwatering tapas can turn a quick visit into a unique bar-hopping experience.

Staying true to Romesco’s ‘Mexiterranean’ spirit, the bar offers a number of signature drinks that aim to delight your palate with completely new flavors and sensations.

With creations such as the Tamarindo Margarita –tequila, lime, cane syrup, tamarindo, tajin–, Mexapan Martini –Vanilla vodka, mazapan & chocolate cream, frangelico–, and the Oaxaca Mule –mezcal, lime, ginger beer–, Romesco’s bar is just as flavorful and innovative as the bistro’s menu.

Best of all, Romesco also features a separate tapas menu, with each dish mixing colors, flavors, textures and aromas to deliver unique bite-sized experiences you can enjoy on your own or share with your friends.

Bringing everything together is, of course, the live music shows that make a visit to Romesco an entire experience. Featuring Latin rhythms, such as flamenco, salsa and modern Cuban jazz, there’s no shortage of fun or music in this Mexiterreanean restaurant.