Dining and dancing

near San Diego


Dining and dancing

near San Diego


Dining and dancing

near San Diego

With its mixture of cultures and innovative spirit, San Diego is a well-known hub for delicious food and spectacular restaurants featuring flavors from all over the world. San Diego also boasts a thriving and exciting nightlife, and it also has places that feature both!

Such is the case for Romesco, a self-proclaimed “Mexiterranean” restaurant that not only mixes the best aspects of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine but does it at the rhythm of live music, providing San Diego residents with an amazing dining and dancing experience.

Romesco is a restaurant known for its creative contrasts and imaginative fusions, a trait that extends to every aspect of the eatery. Blending an upscale dining experience with the laid-back atmosphere of a tapas bar and the colorful rhythms of Latin music, Romesco is unlike any other Mexican restaurant in San Diego, and perhaps even the country, a claim backed up by having been voted San Diego’s best Mexican restaurant three years in a row.

But what makes Romesco such a wonderful dining and dancing destination? Let’s start with the food.

Featuring mouthwatering dishes such as the “Lamb Asado,” the “Mexican Risotto” or the “Salmón al Ajillo,” Romesco blends traditional Mexican recipes with Mediterranean ingredients and cooking techniques, delivering familiar flavors with a unique twist that pique your curiosity from the first bite.

A dining and dancing restaurant doesn’t stand out without great drinks, though, and while they can get a little wild, Romesco’s signature cocktails are definitely something to write home about.

Dining and dancing near San Diego
Dining near San Diego

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This flavor-packed fusion of techniques and ingredients also extends to Romesco’s mixology, which showcases original creations such as the sweet Mexicapan Martini, which mixes vanilla vodka, mazapan, chocolate cream & Frangelico; or the refreshing Tamarindo Margarita, which mixes tequila, lime, cane syrup, tamarindo, and tajin.

What makes Romesco one of the best dining and dancing destinations in San Diego isn’t just the food but also the ambiance, which reinforces Romesco’s mix of cultures by mixing the classic bistro look with a more lively tapas-bar atmosphere, peppering the mix with energetic Latin rhythms perfect to dance to as you enjoy Romesco’s drinks and food.

And if you don’t feel like having a full meal? That’s just fine! Romesco also features an extensive, and delicious, tapas menu, which you can eat both in the bistro and the Spanish taproom as you have fun dancing the night away. Romesco’s tapas are a whole experience on their own, mixing colors, flavors, textures, and aromas into unique bite-sized experiences perfect to accompany you during your night out.

Outdoor and indoor seating options, exciting live music shows, authentic tapas, delicious Mexican food, a generous happy hour, incredible specialty cocktails, amazing service, premium ingredients, and an unbeatable atmosphere make Romesco the best dining and dancing destination near San Diego, and an experience you simply can’t miss out!